My Content Creation Goals For 2020

When I started streaming regularly again 5 months ago I wasn’t sure how it would go but over 550 followers and 20 subs later it has been a great success. When starting out content creating was only going to be a hobby, and this hasn’t changed nor will it in the near future. However, I have seen what others have achieved from content creating at a full-time level and what it could provide me in the future. Right now as a young disabled individual I am relatively healthy and have the ability to work a full-time 37 hour week job, alongside being committed to all my hobbies and interests. But I don’t know in 10 or so years whether my body will have the capacity to carry out my job and key hobbies or interests, which is where I can see the benefit of being a full-time content creator.

Right now I have no wish to finish a job I enjoy and start content creating full-time but if I can get to a point in the next 10 years where that is an option then I’ll be ecstatic! This is why I have decided to start having 6 monthly realistic goals to try and achieve so maybe one day I can create content on a full-time basis. So let me run through my first ever content creation goals!

Getting Twitch to add a disability tag

My first goal isn’t a personal one relating to my channel or something I can have much control over. But for those of you who have been following my social media for the past month have known I have been active in campaigning for Twitch to add a disability-related tag. With the petition now standing at over 1.5k signatures and my blog about why I think the Twitch tag needs to be added is one of my most read, I really hope this is something that can be implemented soon by Twitch.

If you would like to sign the petition please click here or if you want to learn more about why I believe a tag needs to be added please click here.